Girls Rugby at OL M&J's

Girls Rugby at OL M&J's

By Nicola Reynolds
13th April 2017
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Please see below and attached for a great guide to girls M&J rugby at the club

This guide is intended to help explain the options for female Rugby players at our club:

Reception & Year 1 – Micros & Under 6’s
In these mixed groups the children learn the basics of Rugby & the OL’s team ethos through fun games & drills.

Years 2 & 3 – Under 7’s & 8’s
Under 7’s is again a mixed group, but by now the players are concentrating on more technical skills & playing in competitive tag matches against other clubs

Year 3/4 – The Mighty Dragonesses
At the age of 8 girls have the option to either continue playing mixed Rugby up to the age of 11 or to join OL’s all-girls Dragonesses team.

The Dragonesses are a tag-team that play in the West Midlands Girls Tag League. Players are allowed to be anywhere between ages 8 & 17 & play in the same squad & typically the Dragonesses field two teams due to the number of players they have. The squad play in roughly 10 tournaments per season & are at Fenley Field training on the other weekends.

In the Under 9’s, 10’s & 11’s they will be playing contact rugby rather than tag

Age 11 + - Girls Contact Team
Girls are not allowed to play mixed Rugby after the age of 12. They can decide to move to Dragonesses at this point or can decide to join OL’s new Contact Girls Team.

If you want to find out more about options for Girl’s rugby at OL’s please contact our Head Coach for Non-contact Rugby, Chris Newson;

Email: Phone: 07824361957


Dragonesses Flyer April 2017

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